Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blog Candy!!!

Wahoo!  I'm so excited!  Today is going to be a GREAT DAY!

First, we saw a ROBIN!  Yep, that's right .... I couldn't believe it either.  We have 8 inches of snow coming tomorrow and that little guy is going to regret coming north so early.  However, with the number of bird feeders in my backyard (Brendan's science experiment), that robin may be cold but he's going to be fat too!

Second, Olympic Men's Hockey is on tonight and it's USA vs Canada!  Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE HOCKEY.  So if you're looking for me later I'll be happily stamping away in my craft room with my "Wing Nut" hat on watching the game.  Now there's a picture!

Third, I'm celebrating my blog reaching 1,000 HITS!  I was quite undecided about starting a blog.  I thought the work would be over whelming.  I thought that I couldn't come up with great projects like other blogs I've seen.  I thought that no one would visit!  And here I am with 1,000 HITS!  So it's time for some BLOG CANDY!  One week from today, on February 28th at 12 noon, I will gather up all comments linked to this posting and draw a random number.  That comment will win my BLOG CANDY!  I will then contact you for your address and send your goodies in the mail. 

Pictured here are a Baja Breeze Classic Stampin' Pad (still in the original wrapping), A Little Bit of Happiness - set of 4 stamps (unmounted), 2 yards of Baja Breeze striped ribbon, and 2 yards of Baja Breeze stitched ribbon. 

Your comments are priceless.  They are the words that keep me coming back with more projects!  I can't tell you how uplifting your words of encouragement are and I THANK YOU!

To make things a bit more fun ... how about leaving a comment naming your favorite Stampin' UP set  or accessory!?  I'll put together a project using your favorite and post it at a future date!  So, before you move on to another blog, put another load in the washer, or get back to your stamping ... leave me a comment for your chance to win!


  1. I have your blog in my list of favourites on the computer and love to see what you have been doing. I love your style and get inspiration from your projects. Keep at it girl. Good luck for the next 1000 hits and thanks for offering the candy.
    Take care. Luv Bxx

  2. Congratulations of 1000 hits, Joanne! You've done an awesome job at your blog. You have inspired me to create and want a blog-just waiting to see what SU ! has to offer in March. I look forward to seeing what you have created everyday. Thanks for sharing! And many, many more blog hits for you!

  3. Congrats on having a successful blog! I hope you enjoyed the game, we didn't get to watch it because we didn't have MSNBC :( so we tried to watch it online in Russian haha. My fiance is from Michigan too. He was quite please Rafalski (sp?) made 2 of the USA team's goals! Woot. I came across your blog just on a google blog search and love it! Love your ideas, keep up the good work :)

  4. Congratulations on your 1000 hits. I've got your blog in my faves and I love your ideas... such inspiration. You said you didn't think anyone would be interested in your blog but you're doing a great job. Please keep it up.

  5. I just discovered your blog! I'd love to win some blog candy! :) My favorite SU product...? I love everything!