Monday, September 17, 2012

Pumpkins, Bats, and Owls

This month has been filled with birth announcements and birthdays ... two wonderful reasons to celebrate!  Another celebration is the upcoming Halloween holiday.  I just love the colors and the spooky chilly feel of Halloween.  I loved getting dressed up (usually in my older brother's band uniform) and trick-or-treating with my Dad.  It was always cold and blustery - at least that's the way I remember it - and we'd walk hand-in-hand from house to house.  It felt both scary and exhilarating to be out after dark.  He'd stand at the curb with his flashlight while I ran up to the door.  I knew he'd always be there ... waiting.  Knowing that I could count on that security was what made the night all the better.

Here's a card created with a sweet crocheted owl and some seasonal colors.  Combining scraps, some hand-dyed seam binding, a couple decorative pins, and other touches made this "spook-tacular" layout.  Sorry - I just had to do that.

I hate to be so short today but it's late.  Thanks for stopping by ... I'll be back soon with a couple Christmas creations!