Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tea Time

My husband turned 50 and we wanted to do something special but stay local.  A trip to the Grand Hotel was perfect.  We were lucky enough to be there for the 125th year anniversary!  There were fireworks, events on the gorgeous front porch of the hotel, and dinner with Michigan governors both past and present!  Our room was wonderful and I adored the happy yellow and green decor.  It's amazing to realize that each room is decorated differently.  The food was incredible - especially the desserts ... I'm sure I gained 5 pounds.  And during some of our meals, the plates came with beautiful paper doilies!  Of course, I tried to be inconspicuous as I slipped them into my lap before they got soiled but the waiter saw me.  Curiosity got the better of him and he had to ask.  To make a long story short, I walked out with a small stack of these beauties and big smile on my face!  And the gardens ... oh, the gardens!  I've been to Mackinac Island a few times when I was a child and I loved visiting again with my family who had never been.  To see it with my children brought back all the lovely memories of walking those same streets with my mom and dad.  The charm of the horse drawn carriages and warm welcoming feel of the island everywhere you go.  What a wonderful place to share and I'd recommend a visit if you are ever in the northern part of Michigan.  I've included a couple photos at the end of this post.

Although we've been very busy this month (my dear daughter celebrated a birthday too and our son spent a week at Boy Scout camp), I did create a few projects for my ETSY and to share with you.

Donna requested a couple beauties for ladies celebrating upcoming birthdays.  I think they're sweet. Pink always needs a crown and I included one of my crocheted roses to compliment the blue bird.  Yep, there's one of my Mackinac Island doilies!

I have fallen in love recently with tea kettles and tea cups.  I just can't seem to get enough!  You'll see two new stamp sets featured on these next ETSY listings.  Here is the stamp set From My Heart.  See the adorable tea kettle?  Tea and papers from Polka Dot Parade make a perfect combination.

Next I pulled out another new favorite - a set called Tea Shoppe.  LOVE the sentiment, don't you?  I layered cut felt and one of my pink crocheted flowers to create a new embellishment.  A few stitches of embroidery floss and a button finished the look.  I think it's sweet.

I'm looking forward to my next trip here ....

I have some bits and bobs laid out on my craft table, sorted by color and various textures ... so I'll be back soon with more to share.  Thanks for stopping by today!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tags ...

Hello again.  Today was filled with a gathering of crafty friends.  Although we all work on duplicating the sample project, each turns out unique.  Something happens in the process as each of us stamp, cut, layer and assemble.  A bit of us seems to become a part of what we do ... making each project different from the other.  I think that's wonderful, don't you?  We get together once a month and I always enjoy their company ... I do wish all of you could come and join in the fun.

I have a couple delights to share with you today.  What could be happier than blue and yellow?  Yes, that's right ... blue and yellow polka dots!  Layered with a glitter house, button, and a bit of crochet (of course).  

While on vacation in sunny California years ago, my daughter wanted a day trip planned to visit Hollywood.  Never having been there, I admit I was curious to see some of the sights.  By the end of the day we found ourselves walking Rodeo Drive ... then somehow we were in Juicy Couture ... then, as if by magic, there appeared the cutest pair of pajama's in my hands ... exactly my daughter's size.  She was thrilled and so was I.  She got the pajama's and I got the tags!  Without a doubt the most expensive embellishment I have ever used is the tag from those pajama's - see it under the heart!?  I added a crown, a painted pink and glittered frame, a shabby pink crinkly bow along with my own crocheted doily and flower.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Perspective ...

My goodness, July has certainly made a grand entrance with temperatures in the 90's across the country.  We finally got some relief with thunderstorms today.  Regardless of the weather, it's still fun to be home with the kids.  Enjoying some free time, our home, and each others company.  As they have grown older, their insightful questions, thoughtful conversations and caring nature is such a joy.  They help keep me grounded as my A-Type personality tends to "over think" things and worry about plans usually years in the future.  I forget to live for the "here and now".  They make me laugh, tell me to relax, and help put things in perspective (without knowing they are doing it) ... something I need reminding of sometimes.  I admit it.

We returned from vacation a couple weeks ago, it was a much needed get-away for all of us.  Since we were in a mountainous area during the summer, we spent an afternoon at a ski resort that had used the mountain side to build a sled run.  It was high, it was long, it was fast, and it looked like a ton of fun.  The sleds were for a single rider with a hand brake between your legs to control speed.  While I kept an eye on our belongings, my husband and kids took to the sleds.  The route wound through the trees - the start accessible only by the ski lift.  I couldn't see the top nor the route ... only the last 50 yards or so.  First my husband comes whipping down the slide racing our daughter who is in the track next to him.  Both enjoying the race and talking about "this turn and that turn" as they pile out of their sleds.  Then we wait ... and wait ... and wait ... where is my son?  We wait some more.  We talk to the men who are gathering the sleds.  They get on the walkie-talkies to the top of the mountain.  Still no sign of him.  I'm ready to walk up that mountain track to look for him (you know the feeling) when we see a head above the sides of the slide.  Slowly he comes around the final turn with the hand brake pulled in it's full rearward position, going as slow as molasses, looking around at the scenery and singing "The Wheels on the Bus" as loud as he can with a smile on his face.  While the other two couldn't stop talking about the twists and turns, my dear sweet son told me all about the birds he saw on the way down the hill.  I continue learn a lot from him.

I am still smitten by our Polka Dot papers and will warn you again that you'll be seeing them frequently.  In the last post it was a luscious red, today I'm showing off wonderful shades of green and blue.  Recently an ETSY order came in for a favorite of mine - some handmade vanilla flowers (with pearl centers and just the right touch of shimmer on the petals).  While filling the order, I decided to make a couple for myself to share with you too.  The tickets are actually from a new wheel ... perfect since you can make them any color you want with changing either the card stock, ink, or both!  Just wheel them then snip them - easy!

For my next post, I switched over to shades of blue.  LOVE this Polka Dot!  Another handmade flower, a glittery chipboard heart, a sweet greeting, an even sweeter silhouette, and a perky bow ... all layered to add depth and texture.  

The storms have let up so it's time for a walk then back home for popcorn and a movie.  Tonight is "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein" ...  hilarious!  Thanks of stopping by today.