Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Perspective ...

My goodness, July has certainly made a grand entrance with temperatures in the 90's across the country.  We finally got some relief with thunderstorms today.  Regardless of the weather, it's still fun to be home with the kids.  Enjoying some free time, our home, and each others company.  As they have grown older, their insightful questions, thoughtful conversations and caring nature is such a joy.  They help keep me grounded as my A-Type personality tends to "over think" things and worry about plans usually years in the future.  I forget to live for the "here and now".  They make me laugh, tell me to relax, and help put things in perspective (without knowing they are doing it) ... something I need reminding of sometimes.  I admit it.

We returned from vacation a couple weeks ago, it was a much needed get-away for all of us.  Since we were in a mountainous area during the summer, we spent an afternoon at a ski resort that had used the mountain side to build a sled run.  It was high, it was long, it was fast, and it looked like a ton of fun.  The sleds were for a single rider with a hand brake between your legs to control speed.  While I kept an eye on our belongings, my husband and kids took to the sleds.  The route wound through the trees - the start accessible only by the ski lift.  I couldn't see the top nor the route ... only the last 50 yards or so.  First my husband comes whipping down the slide racing our daughter who is in the track next to him.  Both enjoying the race and talking about "this turn and that turn" as they pile out of their sleds.  Then we wait ... and wait ... and wait ... where is my son?  We wait some more.  We talk to the men who are gathering the sleds.  They get on the walkie-talkies to the top of the mountain.  Still no sign of him.  I'm ready to walk up that mountain track to look for him (you know the feeling) when we see a head above the sides of the slide.  Slowly he comes around the final turn with the hand brake pulled in it's full rearward position, going as slow as molasses, looking around at the scenery and singing "The Wheels on the Bus" as loud as he can with a smile on his face.  While the other two couldn't stop talking about the twists and turns, my dear sweet son told me all about the birds he saw on the way down the hill.  I continue learn a lot from him.

I am still smitten by our Polka Dot papers and will warn you again that you'll be seeing them frequently.  In the last post it was a luscious red, today I'm showing off wonderful shades of green and blue.  Recently an ETSY order came in for a favorite of mine - some handmade vanilla flowers (with pearl centers and just the right touch of shimmer on the petals).  While filling the order, I decided to make a couple for myself to share with you too.  The tickets are actually from a new wheel ... perfect since you can make them any color you want with changing either the card stock, ink, or both!  Just wheel them then snip them - easy!

For my next post, I switched over to shades of blue.  LOVE this Polka Dot!  Another handmade flower, a glittery chipboard heart, a sweet greeting, an even sweeter silhouette, and a perky bow ... all layered to add depth and texture.  

The storms have let up so it's time for a walk then back home for popcorn and a movie.  Tonight is "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein" ...  hilarious!  Thanks of stopping by today.


  1. Joanne your story was a delight, love the "Wheels on the Bus"!!! This polka dot paper is fun, love your buttons on the ticket stubs. And the blue striped ribbon is SO PRETTY!!!

  2. Beautiful cards, as always, Joanne! I especially enjoyed the insights that you've shared in this post; as busy mothers, many of us do struggle to just 'be' and stop to enjoy the here and now. Lovely words :)

  3. I love both your cards Joanne. I hope that polka dot paper is in our new catalogue due out in September. I laughed when I read about your son coming down the slide with the brake on AND singing. lol Thanks for sharing that. Your description was excellent too...slow as molasses...love it.

  4. I just adore your style Joanne, and both cards are brilliant.
    Fabulous colours and embellishments. Can we please have some of your sunshine as in the UK it's done nothing but rain, and rain.

  5. Oh my goodness I would have been a wreck if that had been my son ... so glad he was ok though ... and with tales to tell! It's a terrible summer here ... rain and rain and not warm either ... but seeing your beautiful cards always cheers me ... they are such a delight and so detailed ...

  6. These are both so lovely, Joanne! Enjoy the holiday with your family!

  7. Just gorgeous, gorgeous cards, Joanne. The bows, the flowers, the lacy additions and the buttons just make each card so elegant.
    You must have been beside yourself when your son didn't appear when the others did. What a panic moment for you. Good to know that he was taking his time and smelling the roses, even on a fast sled ride. I think about the 2 of you often with your bird watching and knowledge. I have a Robin (either the Robin's 3rd time or a 3rd robin)in a nest in the Rhodedendran outside my front door. I have been watching them since April. Eggs, babies, feedings, leaving the nest, my sadness. Only to be replaced a 2nd and now a 3rd time. 4 eggs, one hatched yesterday. Maybe another today but haven't been able to get a peek as Mama is very attentive to her little one's and not leaving the nest as much. It's been wonderful and now I know the joy of bird watching that you and your son have experienced.

  8. Goodness, these are beyond gorgeous! I don't know how you do it!

  9. Sounds like you are enjoying your summer so far. I really enjoyed reading your story. Such a smart boy you have. I would have speed down that hill also and missed all the beauty.

    Your card is gorgeous. I love the polka-dot paper also.


  10. Absolutely beautiful cards. Stunning....all,of it , where do I even begin! Thanks for sharing - have a wonder ful weekend

  11. LOVE all of those polka dots. These cards are as perfect as ever ;)