Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy November!

Hi again ... it's good to be back so soon!  I've enjoyed this past weekend staying lazy at home and playing with my papers.  Tomorrow is a day out with my daughter since she has the day off from school.  A bit of shopping, lunch, a stop at the craft store ... I'm looking forward to some quality time (just us girls).  I treasure these days because I know they pass so quickly.  She's already talking about colleges and I just can't bear to think of her gone.

On to happier thoughts ... I hope these make you smile.

I'm still working on my photography skills.  There is certainly room for improvement.  How do you take your photos?  Do you use a photo tent?  Do you decorate your background?  How about camera settings?  What one do you use?  There are so many I get confused.  How about editing software?  What attributes do you work with .. Contrast, Sharpen, Crop?

Linda R and Cherry are incredible photographers.  I absolutely LOVE how they put together their scenery and capture just the right angle and lighting.  It makes me "feel" the photo rather than just "see" it.  They are both amazing ... stop by their blogs and I'm sure you'll agree.

Good night.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day you have planned ~ enjoy! And speaking of enjoying...I sure do enjoy when you create Joanne! These are so pretty. Love the image on the first and that yummy striped bow. The second is just plain FUN!!

  2. Oh these are beautiful Christmas cards Joanna. I hope you enjoyed your day out.

  3. Such beautiful cards ... I love that shade of green and the soft blue with the red is such an eye catcher ! Your photos always look good to me ... I often struggle with the weather conditions .. I agree with your comments about Cherry and Linda ... Have a lovely weekend

  4. These are both beautiful cards, Joanne. Love them.

  5. Your cards look beautiful. You know I just love your style of card making. And thanks so much for you kind words. They made my day!


  6. I love both your cards Joanne. The first one looks three dimensional. Enjoy your dayout.

  7. Your Christmas cards are just so pretty. Great colours, lots of lovely texture - fabulous!

  8. I am NO where near a good photographer...but thank-you for saying! What I do is use my one and only souther ex. window for natural light and use a few props. I than go into picasso (free) and lighten them up a bit. Some day I may figure out my fncy canon eos but for now I use my little point and shoot rofl. I LOVE that combo of pink and green...I am gonna go play and try that one out. Your cards are beautiful!