Monday, August 13, 2012


Another weekend behind us.  Thursday and Friday rain showers were a blessing - it's been so dry here and the sprinklers just couldn't keep up.  Saturday a light drizzle ... the perfect day to curl up with a great book.  What are you reading?  Sunday was bright and sunny without the high temperatures.  Is Autumn just around the corner?  My favorite time of year featuring my favorite color combinations.  I'll have to pull out my Autumn stamps and papers for my next posting.

I finally tried to sew on a paper butterfly ... something that's been on my "list of things to try".  It's quite a long list with all the inspiration I see posted on your wonderful blogs.  I try to attempt something new with each project - it's exciting to see the results.  Scraps from the drawer in pretty shades of blue, a touch of warm brown (Four Frames), a sweet teacup (Tea Shoppe) and of course polka dots.  All layered on a crocheted doily - created while enjoying a quiet moment.  It's funny how I enjoy working with blues.  You won't find any blues in my house nor in my closet.  But when it comes to creating something special from the heart ...  I don't know of another color that provides such comfort and softness.

I hope this inspires you to try something new ... and thank you for stopping by!


  1. Hello friend! I just love it when your cards pop up in my reader ;) I'm swooning over the pretty polka dot label and tea cup portion of this gorgeous card! And I love the bits of doily peeking out. Have a great evening!

  2. Well this is absolutely comfy and cozy...and beautiful! That doily provides a beautiful backdrop for all your sweet stamping and embellishments! And I do love the fluttery butterfly! So very pretty! And, thank the Lord for the cooler temps and the rain! So refreshing...I almost feel like a burden has been lifted! So glad to see this pretty creation before I head to bed!

  3. Hello Joanne

    Oh my word what an amazing and beautiful card. And you are so right with your blues it's calm and peaceful. I'm totally in love with your embellishments they are perfect.

  4. How very beautiful this is ... I just love the blues and your gorgeous embellishments

  5. Filled to the brim with berauty; blue is also my favorite color:). A handmade gem!

  6. I always love popping in here. You cards are always stunning. I just love all the wonderful layering you do.. Such a pretty card my friend..