Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Bit of Crochet ...

Life is beginning to settle down once again.  My daughter is finally home from her 8th grade trip.  I say "finally" because I miss her so when she's gone.  The hours and days seem to crawl as I imagine all the exciting things she is seeing and doing. My son and I just returned from a Mother/Son Boy Scout camping trip.  The weather was perfect and we had a wonderful time.  He has just joined a new troop (having out-grown his previous group) and he is fitting right in.  The boys are very welcoming and he is enjoying his new friends.

I've been doing some crocheting and have been able to find some time to create a few things to share ... I hope they provide a bit of inspiration or at least bring a smile to you today.

Thanks for stopping by and spending a moment of time with me.  I'll be back soon with another project to celebrate the long weekend!


  1. Beautiful Joanne!! LOVE your crocheted goodies!!

  2. I missed seeing your creative goodness ... these are so beautiful and I adore your crocheted hearts ... enjoy your summer

  3. I love these, Joanne! Your crocheted embellishments look lovely! Sure wish I knew how to do's hard to find smaller scale items like yours! Good to see you've had time to create, and your camping trip with your son sounds wonderful! Don't you hope he ALWAYS looks forward to a trip away with Mom?! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  4. Stunning and so beautiful Joanne.

  5. Joanne, I know what it is like to be busy with the little ones and all of their activities. So where did you find time to create all of the crocheted pretties? They are both lovely cards. I especially love all the pink :o)

  6. This is soo pretty, love that you add crocheted pieces on your cards =) TFS!