Monday, July 4, 2011


My heart is bursting with gratitude and I'd like to take a moment to thank and recognize those that made me smile.  There are a few so please bear with me.

This incredibly kind gesture by both Stella and Ros have presented my little ol' blog with the honor of this ...

I am to tell you seven things about myself and pass this on to eight bloggers that I would like to recognize.  

1. I get together with friends for a book club discussion group.  It's such fun and pushes me to read subjects I wouldn't have chosen for myself.
2. I play Euchre once a month with a group of ladies, each of us hosting at our homes - a wonderfully fun group.
3. I love to bake really big fat bakery size chewy soft cookies (and eat them too).
4. I've sewn all the drapes in my home - I just can't bear to pay for something I can do myself.
5. I'm painting my daughters room this week (see item #4 above).
6. My favorite drink - Diet Coke!
7. I don't like coffee ... not one little bit!  Ick!

First, let me say that I understand if you don't chose to participate ... I know this may not be for everyone.  Just know that you are appreciated and I enjoy the inspiration you provide.  I look forward to your comments everyday and I try to share some love when I stop by.  The eight blogs I'd like to pass this on to are ...

Now, you may have noticed something new up there at the top of my blog.  Thanks to the ladies over at The City Crafter, I had the opportunity to work with a very talented lady ... Viola!  In addition to fabulous card and crafty projects, plus wonderfully whimsical decorative pins, Viola creates the most gorgeous blog banners.  She was so kind during the process of designing mine.  Caring about color, my preference for flowers, birds, and more.  After a few emails back and forth, we were both pleased with the results ... what do you think?  I LOVE IT!  You can see more of her beautiful designs at her blog - be sure to leave some love while there!

I hope to be back with you tomorrow with a new project to share ... til then, good night.


  1. Thanks so much for the honour! I will have to do up a post for this soon!
    Love the new banner. Very fitting and pretty

  2. First of all, I LOVE your new blog banner!!! How pretty is that!
    And congrats on your award, it is good to learn a little bit about you!
    Last but not least, thanks for thinking of me!!!! : )
    Have a happy 4th!!!

  3. LOVE the blog banner ... nice to learn new things about blog buddies ... have a lovely day

  4. You are so welcome; if anyone deserves it to be in the spotlight it certainly is you.....
    I had so much fun reading the seven facts about you; I love coffee :)
    I noticed the banner a few days ago and it's stunning. Enjoy this fabulous prize!

  5. What a wonderful banner.. I looks fabulous. It was fun reading a little something about you!!

    Hugs, Linda

  6. Hi Joan, I did actually notice something different about your blog the last time I popped in - it is a beautiful banner!
    I also saw the URL of my blog on your list - thank you so much!

  7. Wonderfull banner, en créations, Have a nice week- end, greeting from Belgium