Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Welcome Baby Girl!

I did it!  I finished the Baby Girl gift box tower!

The kids delivered the gifts to the deserving Grandma's at school.  They were very pleased and my children felt good too.  I'm so glad I made these.  I'm already thinking of other "towers" I would like to create.  Try it for yourself ... they are really simple and super fun!  I used a box template from Papertreyink.  They have lots of box templates there.  Of course there are numerous other sources for templates.  If you find a box you like, take it apart and trace it!  You can use just about any shape/size box, just so long as you can stack them!

This is also a great idea for background paper scraps!  Who cares if they all match?  As long as they are from the same general color family and coordinate well with each other, then by all means use them!  These strips are only 1 3/4" wide and 7 1/2" long.  I had to use two on each box to make it all the way.  My seams are hidden on the sides under the ribbon.  Shhhh!  No one even knows they are there!

I hope you enjoy your evening.  I got a HUGE box of goodies from Stampin' UP on my porch today.  (Happy dance!!)  Unfortunately it's not all mine but I like digging thru it anyway!  I pull things out and say "ooohhh, I wish I had this!"  It's dangerous, I admit.  But the good news is that SOME of the contents ARE MINE!  So you'll be seeing new things in the next couple days - be sure to visit again soon!

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